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Meet brio multimedia's Team!
Brio Multimedia's strategy and governance is guided by a multidisciplinary team of artists, academics, scientists, and creative people of all ages and from all walks of life. The team includes:

Kenneth Allen Marcure, Founding Visionary, Explorer, Teacher, and Humanist (February 1948-July 2012). Kenneth dedicated his life to education without personal, cultural and national boundaries. Kenneth left us after a battle with ALS (Motor Neuron Disease) on 15 July 2012, with the vision that has shaped the LEARN2SHARE PROGRAM.

  • Judith Lydia Mercure, Director, Educational and Entertainment Programs, Brio Multimedia.
  • Peter Peine, Director, Business Development


  • Stephan Wellink, Documentary Film Producer, Advisory Board Member, Strategy and Governance.
  • John Laidler, Musician and Sound Engineer, Advisory Board Member, Music and Digital Arts


    • Bronwyn Boekenstein, Former CEO, Foodbank Australia and Greenpeace Australia, Advisory Board Member
    • Lisa Szabo, Chief Scientist, NSW Safe Foods Authority, Advisory Board Member
    • Janett Clarkson, Oncology Research Manager, Westmead Children's Hospital
    • Kate O'Reilly, Director, Foodprint Press
    • Cindy Luken, Founder, Luk Beautifoods, Luken & May Biscuits
    • Becky Loughary Robertson, Communication Manager for the Australian Youth Mentoring Network
    • Liz Kenway, Child Psychologist, Westmead Children's Hospital

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