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Brio Multimedia proudly awarded the first of its annual scholarships honoring educator, Kenneth Allen Marcure on 22 May 2013. Marcure’s vision was to establish a program of unique educational support scholarships.  Hailing from Idaho and Montana in the USA, Marcure made it his life work to encourage young people, oppose resource inequity, reduce prejudice, and lower barriers to intercultural understanding and good will. He worked with students in Japan for over 35 years, continuing to teach until just a few months before he passed away in 2012 from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

The program, called Learn2Share, is managed by Brio Multimedia’s Director of Educational and Entertainment Programs, Judith Lydia Mercure under the guidance of Brio’s Advisory Board.
Learn2Share not only awards scholarships to students, but it also provides them with Kiva microfinance loan credits ( so they can share support for a better future with struggling small-scale entrepreneurs in developing economies.

It was Kenneth’s vision to use education to reduce misunderstandings between people from different countries,” Ms Mercure said. “Supporting young teachers is a particularly effective way to reduce cultural and racial intolerance. In the course of a single professional lifetime, hundreds of young students may have their horizons broadened by a teacher from another culture. To have the opportunity to start their careers with an international training opportunity has been a transformational experience for past scholarship winners. We are proud to announce that in the 2017 academic year another scholarship winner will join the ranks of global good citizens and international teachers supported by Kenneth's legacy!”

About the Scholarships: Past Winners and Partners


The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA will send the winner of the 2016-2017 Kenneth Allen Marcure Scholarship to India for their teacher training, Fund Manager, Judith Lydia Mercure, of Brio Multimedia announced on the anniversary of Kenneth’s birthday, 9 February 2016.  The winner of the 2016-2017 scholarship is University of Montana education student, Timothy Severson.


Recipients of the annual Kenneth Allen Marcure Scholarship awards were announced on 9 February 2015, Kenneth’s birthday. Scholarship Fund Manager, Judith Lydia Mercure, Director of Educational and Entertainment Programs of the social enterprise, Brio Multimedia, said the annual scholarship awards are just part of Marcure’s inspiring legacy. She announced that a UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA student in good academic standing with the Teacher Education Program in Education, Math, Science, Social Science or English would be selected by an independent committee for support as they complete their student teaching in a school in a developing economy.

Ms Mercure said, “Kenneth’s commitment to a culturally borderless world has never been theoretical. Awarding the scholarships that honor his vision and legacy has taken us in on a near-fateful journey this year, revisiting some of the early influences that helped him make his extraordinary life choices.”

“In his speech as the 18-year-old valedictorian of his Coeur d’Alene, Idaho high school graduating class in 1966, Kenneth passionately argued against intolerance created by political misinformation. He travelled to Japan from the University of Montana in 1972 to study, with the help of a Rotary Scholarship. He dedicated nearly 40 years of his life to teaching in Japan, until just months before his death in 2012 and despite enormous physical challenges, encouraging young people to embrace cultural tolerance.”

“This year, Kenneth’s support is being returned to his own first scholarship sponsor, Rotary International,  to help reverse some impacts of a conflict that left countless victims in its wake. Our second partner is Kenneth’s undergraduate alma mater, the University of Montana, where Ken’s lifelong commitment to global good citizenship was sparked by the example, among others, of visionary academic and senator, Mike Mansfield.”


The first award recipient for 2013 was selected by Education Director for the COEUR D'ALENE TRIBE, Dr Chris Meyer. Meyer (pictured below right) is architect of an innovative educational support pipeline that encourages Tribe members to pursue their goals from pre-school through post-graduate education. The successful candidate was a student of environmental sciences, young mother, and Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe member.

At the end of 2013, a second award honoring  Marcure's vision was extended to support the studies of an education student at NORTH IDAHO COLLEGE, as part of the Estate of Brio Patroness, Grace S. Tyson. 

NIC President Joe Dunlap and Development Director, Rayelle Anderson (pictured right) accept the check from Brio Director, Judith Lydia

The 2014 Kenneth Allen Marcure Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually on Marcure's birthday (February 9), will support a student at the University of Montana's College of Education and Human Sciences, Brio Director Judith Lydia Mercure announced.  

Selection Criteria

The Kenneth Allen Marcure Memorial Fund (KAMMF) seeks to support scholarship applicants who will have an impact on needy students and families in other countries, lifting levels of education and skills and helping reduce the impacts of poverty and conflict.  In most cases, KAMMF scholarships support a successful applicant’s tertiary educational tuition and fees, either wholly or in part. 

An ideal applicant will be committed to teaching and/or working with less privileged individuals in other countries, especially those with less developed economies. However, other future professionals whose aim is the reduction of international misunderstanding and conflict will also be considered positively by the scholarship committee.


Future teachers and/or aid professionals have the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of students in the course of their careers, creating enduring legacies of good global citizenship.  Such individuals become ambassadors for global good citizenship, reducing boundaries and misunderstandings between countries.


The KAMMF Scholarships seek to support candidates with a good record of academic performance although where educational opportunities have been restricted, academic performance is less important. A history of working with local and international community groups is also considered highly desirable.


Successful applicants in the past have had teaching internships supported in countries other than their homelands, including India, China, Thailand, and Japan although one student received tuition support for teaching cultural programs with and to Native American Indian groups.


Scholarship awards depend on the region and higher education institution chosen. Awards may or may not cover 100% of annual tuition and fees.  Preference will be given to students with fewer financial support options. Scholarship winners will be briefly profiled on the Brio Learn2Share website.


The Kenneth Marcure Fund also makes available supplementary funds to successful candidates, enabling them to extend loans to needy families (via Kiva Microfinance Organization). The willingness of potential candidates to manage for the term of their scholarship--usually one year--a small portfolio of microfinance investments in entrepreneurs in developing countries, is a desirable, but not essential consideration in awarding scholarships.

Students from any country may apply. In exceptional cases, funding may also be available to support high-impact creative outreach projects fostering global good citizenship. In such cases, student applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a project supervisor from an accredited tertiary education institution and a budget.  Project-related funding for this type of award is capped at US$2000. 

Brio opens doors via educational support to young people of both sexes in various parts of the world who demonstrate strong social values and commitments. Successful applicants will not only receive a scholarship but they will also be asked to invest a small additional amount of money Brio will provide as microloans to families in developing countries. Your application is assessed in strict confidence. We do not share applicants' information with anyone but members of our selection panel under non disclosure agreements. Use the form below to request a Learn2Share Scholarship application. 


Learn2Share Application Request Form

 Please fill out and email the form below if you believe you would like to apply for a Learn2Share Scholarship.  If your application is consistent with our vision, you will be sent an application form with five questions, which will help us better understand your educational goals, your needs, and how you see your place in the world and your community, both now and in the future.

The content of your response, not how you write it, is of interest to the selection panel. Although we ask that you submit your answers in English, those for whom English is not their first language will not be disadvantaged.

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