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Brio Multimedia publishes fiction for young people and adults, as well as producing musical works, films, games and multimedia artwork collections. Our motto is 'Fun 4 Good!' The organization is a social enterprise, dedicating 25-75% of  profits to support our Learn2Share scholarship program.

Here are a few of our new products:

The Magic Island Gang e-book and Audio Book:  When an ambitious Zoo Director decides to make his zoo one of the world’s peak tourist experiences, he calls on Sammy Snatch, a ruthless animal smuggler, for help. But Director Deluge doesn’t count on some of Sammy’s victims—the larrikin cockatoo, Jock; the solitary yellow-eyed penguin, Solomon; the revolutionary Liberty Wombat; the larcenous Pilfer Possum; and the Zoo’s poetic star, Chilli Koala—who are not pleased to find themselves in a frosty coastal Zoo a long way from home. Can this unlikely Gang elude the police, zookeepers, security guards, and even the Air Force to find their way home?   

E- book. $9.95,choose your favorite distributors! Order AUDIO BOOK direct from us!

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Dandy and Stout: This is the story of two animals with nothing in common but curiosity. A small rabbit and a large brown bear share adventures that teach them to question what they have been taught all their lives. As Dandy races a wildfire to save the other rabbits in the Clover Commons colony, they wonder desperately if Stout will use his strength to help them escape the flames. And when Stout awakens from his winter hibernation, having forgotten who Dandy is, the two animals question whether friendship can ever survive such enormous differences.  ©Brio Multimedia 2012. 80 pp. color.

Print book: $19.95. Order from us via PayPal.
E-BOOK: $3.99. Order from suppliers above.

Brio Multimedia profits support Learn2Share Scholarships.

Our scholarships honor visionary educator, Kenneth Allen Marcure, and his commitment to helping young people achieve their educational goals in a world where global good citizenship can flourish!

Writers, film producers, game creators, singers, and other artists are invited to submit Brio Fun4Good projects to support these scholarships, using the Join the Brio Team Form. 








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Brio Multimedia T-shirt: 

Do you like Brio Multimedia's mission? With 50% of profits from the sale of our t-shirts supporting our select causes, our t-shirts let the world know that you are among the growing numbers of 'Fun for Good' supporters!  Available in Men's S, M, L, XL, and XXL, these brightly colored shirts are popular with all age groups. Only $20 plus postage.  

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