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CAPERS: Brio Multimedia NEWS

Brio Multimedia organizes regular events to promote our goals, including raising funds for scholarships, microfinance loans, and medical research.

Brio Multimedia Advisory Board Sets Scholarship Mission

Brio has an Advisory Board who helps select winners of the Kenneth Allen Marcure Memorial Scholarships. Seven Brio 'Wise Women' meet regularly to discuss scholarship issues.  In a recent meeting, Advisers decided that the scholarships Ken inspired should encourage young people to challenge attitudes that are based on 'ingroup love' and 'outgroup hate'.  Scholarships should encourage young people to foster compassion and respect for people without regard to their race, gender, or country of origin.

Brio's "Wise Women" also said that scholarships should recognize young people with creative ideas on how to depict and resolve the barriers that keep us from celebrating a family of humankind. Young educators were seen as particularly attractive recipients for their potential to impact the attitudes of hundreds of young people in other countries in the course of a professional lifetime, as Kenneth Marcure did during his 35 years teaching in Japan.  

Lisa Szabo, Judith Lydia Mercure, Sharyn Peacocke, Kate O'Reilly, Cindy Luken, Janett Clarkson, Bronwyn Boekenstein

  • Scholarship selection criteria, application forms, and candidate stories are available on the 'Learn to Share' page. Please the contact form to request further information.

Memorial Luau honors educator, raises money for ALS support equipment

Popular artists and musicians joined Brio Multimedia in honoring educator and MND sufferer Kenneth Allen Marcure at an inaugural Memorial Luau  in Sydney, Australia in late 2012.  

“Kenneth Marcure was a remarkable man who dedicated his life to building bridges between cultures and generations. In Brio's scholarships and entertainment products, his vision lives on.”


In Australia, Motor Neurone Disease kills one person every day. It affects over 350 000 of the world's population. So far, it is also an incurable disease, in many cases terminal within one to five years after diagnosis.

Local artists and businesses donated generous gift vouchers for a silent auction that raised $2000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association to purchase equipment they loan to people with ALS. The MNDA estimates that it costs an average of $45,000 for equipment that enables ALS sufferers to stay mobile, creative, and at home with their families.

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