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About us:
What: Brio Multimedia is a social enterprise that operates two programs to encourage the creative and educational development of young people who want to help shape a better world.

Brio's scholarship program is called ‘Learn2Share’.  Brio Multimedia  encourages students to help others while they learn, by giving the students we support both a scholarship and microfinance funds to lend to entrepreneurs in less privileged countries. Our scholarships reward young people who demonstrably promote the well-being of the family of humankind.

Brio's entertainment products programs is called ‘Fun4Good’. Brio Multimedia supports the production of non-violent educational and entertainment options for young people. We seek out and sell entertaining books, e-books, videos, films, and games. Profits from the sale of these products support the production of new projects and support our scholarships.

HOW: We dedicate 100% of our project profits to create scholarships and support microfinanced enterprises run by disadvantaged families in developing countries.


Meet Our latest Brio Learn2Share Scholars Here!


July 15 2016 marks the forth anniversary of the passing of Kenneth Allen Marcure, international educator and humanist, and the fourth year a scholar has been chosen to receive a Kenneth Marcure Memorial Scholarship. Ken died of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and motor neurone disease) in Shiga, Japan in 2012. Born in Montana in the USA, he spent over 35 years teaching  hundreds of young people from many countries and cultures, exemplifying his conviction that nationalities and borders need not be barriers to understanding and empathy. He inspired the establishment of an international teaching scholarship supporting young teachers who want to reduce the cultural misunderstandings and prejudices that often lead to conflict.

The fourth recipient of the Kenneth Allen Marcure Memorial Scholarship is a University of Montana social studies and education student. Timothy Severson will spend the Spring semester of 2017 teaching students in Tamil Nadu, India. Timothy, who has minored in Central Southwest Asian Studies, says he wants to use his time in India "to help break down barriers and negative mindsets in his students" and others. He adds, " I would like to meet and talk with teachers from different backgrounds. I am hoping to learn about the skills they employ when teaching student from such varied backgrounds. How do they stay culturally relevant? In turn, I want to learn from the students how studying in such a unique environment has affected their education."

  The 2015 Kenneth Marcure Memorial Scholarship winner is Megan Croke.  Megan is a 2011 graduate of Conifer High School in Evergreen, Colorado. Upon graduating from high school, Megan moved to Missoula, Montana to begin her studies at the University of Montana. Megan is passionate about providing quality education to others, particularly impoverished, developing populations. After spending time in underserved communities in Mexico, Megan’s commitment to helping educate others was strengthened. This experience inspired her to pursue her student teaching field experience abroad in Kodaikanal, India. Megan will provide quality education to students aged 6-12 at Kodaikanal School.


The winner of the 2014 Kenneth Marcure Memorial Scholarship is Lea Christiansen, an art education student at the University of Montana’s Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences. Christiansen’s student teaching internship will be conducted in Tamil Nadu, India at the Kodaikanal International School (KIS) where she will work with students and faculty from India and all over the world. Her international student teaching experience will be supported by the Scholarship, enabling her to apply her educational training within a context of rich cultural diversity.

Tillie Torpey believes in nurturing her environment, wildlife, and culture. In September 2013, she began a major in zoology and environmental studies at Washington State University (Pullman, WA. USA), with the help of a Kenneth Allen Marcure Memorial scholarship. Tillie hopes a minor in linguistics will  give her tools to enable her  extend to her conservation work into cultural areas as well, by helping her revive her native language within the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. 

Porourangi is the youngest Brio Scholar. Only seven years old, she will be supported for education-related essentials for the next few years,  beginning in 2013,  her first year at school. Sponsored by Brio Multimedia, Porourangi's (further identification withheld) educational support will be managed by The Smith Family's Australia-wide team of dedicated educational mentors.

Emily, 20, a 2014 Brio Learn2Share scholar, is pursuing an Associate of Science degree in Photography.

Danielle, 20, a 2014 Scholar, will graduate with a degree in Education in May and hopes to teach high school math.  

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